BMW X Models

bmw x models

Versatility Without Limits.

When BMW built the first X5, they didn’t just create another SUV. Instead, they invented something entirely new: the Sports Activity Vehicle®. By fusing ample space with dynamic power and sleek design, each SAV® delivers the thrills of a BMW. And along with the unique Sports Activity Coupe®, there truly is an X perfect for every adventure.

Body Styles

New BMW X1 at Sterling BMW in Orange County

Renowned on every road.
The BMW X1 presents standard-setting technology, comfort, and cargo capacity in what might just be the most versatile SAV® ever.

New BMW X2 at Sterling BMW in Orange County

Carpe momentum.
Experience the unbridled energy of the BMW X2.

New BMW X3 at Sterling BMW in Orange County

Live your independence. Drive your passion.
Seize any reason for adventure – and accept no compromises along the way. The popular BMW X3 Sports Activity Vehicle® is reborn in three invigorating styles. Comfortable interiors, powerful engines, and intuitive controls come together in a vehicle where the passion for driving is more apparent than ever before.

New BMW X4 at Sterling BMW in Orange County

Boldly conquer every road.
When competition is a way of life, second best is not an option. The All–New BMW X4 is a Sports Activity Coupe® that makes an impact every time, and anywhere. The combination of aggression and agility, sportiness and grace lets the BMW X4 conquer all challenges with ease, while driver and passengers ride in unequalled comfort.

New BMW X5 at Sterling BMW in Orange County

Confidence never detours.
The leader. The style maker. The benchmark. This is the All-New BMW X5.

New BMW X6 at Sterling BMW in Orange County

Unbridled character.
With its striking looks, aggressive stance, and large proportions, the BMW X6 does more than stand out: it defies convention. But when you can unleash up to 445 horsepower on the highway, hit every corner like a high-powered racer, and enjoy an agile, comfortable ride from inside a luxuriously elegant cabin – who needs convention, anyway?

New BMW X7 at Sterling BMW in Orange County

Make every day legendary.
The largest and most luxurious Sports Activity Vehicle ever built.